Bristol Climate Choir

The Climate Choir Movement

Bristol, Bath, Oxford, London, Stroud, Southampton

Peaceful protest

on the climate and nature emergency

Information for Singers

The Bristol Climate Choir has grown rapidly since Autumn 2022. It is coordinated by a small core group.  

To make communications manageable with a large and growing choir we have devised the following guidelines and information. Please read through these.


First Wednesday of the month
from 7-9pm
In person at
The Studio, 24 Gibson Road, Cotham, Bristol BS6 5SG
The room is accessible: please email for details
By Zoom
The link will be emailed to singers in advance of rehearsals.
NB Zoom audio with the large group is not always consistent – more information on Songs page. 
For enquiries, please email
This website is the primary access point for songs and information about the choir.
Email is used for key information about rehearsals and forthcoming events that the choir will be singing at. 
You will receive an email about a week before each rehearsal.
WhatsApp also carries key information as well as that sent by email. 
Choir members are kindly encouraged not to use the choir WhatApp group to post items other than those directly relevant to the choir as there is not capacity to respond in detail to a high volume of messages or enquiries.

About the choir

The Bristol Climate Choir aims for a collective ethos with a core group coordinating its activities. The Choir encourages a participatory inclusive ethos where all are involved in making it thrive. There is no subscription but from time to time a request may be made for donations towards costs such as materials and printing.
The Choir comprises
Singers!  And what a beautiful sound we make!
Two Musical DirectorsSue and Kate who choose songs, provide scores and audio for all parts, lead rehearsals and conduct songs at events
Two Actions Coordinators: Jo and Johnny who decide which actions the Climate Choir will sing at (in discussion with Core Team) and coordinate the events
Two Communications Coordinators: Fiona and Janne, who work to ensure that information is clear and accessible and that the flow of communication is manageable
A Social Media Coordinator: Kim, who gets the message out there, everywhere!
Eight Singing Part Leads: two for each part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) who support the Musical Directors at events by checking their group/part is in the right place at the right time and singing in time!
What’s Been Happening?

Barclays AGM

3 May 2023: Singers from Bristol, London, Bath, Stroud, Oxford and Southampton interrupt Barclays Chairman Nigel Higgins and directors with a song inspired by the Spice Girls: ‘Stop Right Now Stop...

Climate Choir Movement crescendos

1st May 2023: On May Day the recently-formed Bath Climate Choir sings Let Us Stand: ‘as we face the coming storm, for we love this land, let’s work for a better dawn’ on a site where people have...

The Big One, London

21 April 2023: The Climate Choir Movement grows as choirs from Bristol, Bath and London join with newly-formed choirs from Southampton, Swansea and Oxford to sing rousing renditions of Let Us Stand...

UK Divest Day in the City of London

24 March 2023: UK Divest Day of Action: the Bristol, London and Bath Climate Choirs sing out in the City of London to change minds and hearts on the urgent need to divest from fossil fuels and move...

Our first action

4 February 2023: The choir accompanies the Red Rebels at the No Airport Expansion rally. The seeds for the choir were sown back in November when the court sat to decide on challenges to expansion of...

The launch of the choir

4 January 2023: It all starts! 'Let Us Stand' and 'We Got All the Love' are our first songs. We’ll use song for peaceful protest to get the message across: all of us have to act now. Harmonious sounds...